Women, The Inferior Species In Islam

Islam is a religion by men for men. The narrative of Islam empowers women is just not true. Islam may have given women some rights they did not have, but it also froze their rights in time to 1400 years ago.

Here is a quote that sums up the entire post:

Revelations directed to men only

They taught me this following story as an example of how women are respected in Islam. Allah even revealed a verse for them! In retrospect, it’s clear that complaining to the prophet is the only way to get Allah to consider women’s needs. Women just aren’t high on the list.

The wife of Prophet Muhammad Umm Salamah asked her husband why are we not mentioned in the Quran like the men are?

To which the verses of Quran came:

Testimony — One man or TWO women?

A woman’s witness is half of a man’s in the Quran:

In case she forgets? Wow, Allah, why do you say that? Are women dumb or forgetful or something? Actually Prophet Muhammad explained this verse to us:

This hadith is one explanation why this strange rule is in the Quran. If it’s true, it shows that Muhammad thought women had bad memories or were stupid. Ibn Kathir takes this interpretation as well.

This is ridiculous because we have seen women, many of them far more intelligent and with better memories than men, being successful doctors, lawyers, artists, accountants, business owners (like Khadijah) and more! This completely underestimates the intelligence of women.

Spousal Discipline

Her husband can beat her for simply fearing her disobedience according to the Quran.

A woman wanted retaliation (because the Quran prescribes eye-for-eye) after her husband slapped her and look what happened:

The above story explains how the verse came about. Muhammad did not punish men for beating their wives. He considered it the natural order. Yet again we find the Quran coming with teachings of questionable moral value.

Take a look at the following two videos I made on the topic:

Marital rights

Another strange thing in Islam is how it bullies wives into having sex with their husband. A woman may not reject her husband’s sexual advances. If a woman rejects her husbands sexual advances she is cursed all night by the angels. In a healthy relationship you shouldn’t have to coerce or threaten your spouse to sleep with you.

And if she is cooking she has to drop what she is doing to have sex with him:

She is not allowed to perform optional fasts or make up her missed Ramadan fasts without his permission because he might want to have sex. Aisha said she had to wait all year before making up her Ramadan fasts because Muhammad “needed her”:

Do you see a pattern? A woman is subservient to her husband in all regards. But sexual rights should go both ways. Both the husband needs to care for his wife and the wife care for her husband. It shouldn’t be only about the man. Was Muhammad sexually frustrated? Did his wives not want to sleep with him? In a healthy relationship you shouldn’t have to coerce or threaten your spouse to sleep with you.


Only Men can unilaterally divorce in Islam:

Not smelling paradise is another way of saying she will not go to paradise. Women can request their marriage to be annulled (called Khula in arabic) but they have to give back their Maher (marital gift). A man simply has to utter a word and over a three-month period she is divorced. I expand on this in great detail in my post Divorce in Islam


Men can marry multiple partners:

They can marry Christian and Jewish women:

They can have sexual intercourse with their slaves:

Yet again, men have the upper hand. Islamic law does not allow women to be polygamous, only men. It does not allow women to sleep with their male slaves. Islam allows only men to marry non-Muslim women, not the other way around. See my longer post here on Sleeping with Female Captives of War in Islam.


My daughter would get half a share of what my sons get if I die.

How does this make any sense? I would wish my daughter to have a fair share to her brothers. Muslims will sometimes say “well her brothers should take care of her.” But this is a terrible argument. Why should she get half of what my boys get? Who will guarantee they will take care of her if she doesn’t get an equal share?

How is it beneficial to have a rule that sons get double what daughters gets?

It’s possible this made sense in a certain society and context. But no longer this is the case. Islam may have given women some rights, such as the right to own property, but it also took away some rights from them.


It’s reported that Muhammad said most of hell is full of women:

If its true, not sure what the point of this misogynist teaching was. It seems like it was a threat to get more donations from the Muslim women. Or maybe Muhammad just hated women.

In Paradise

In paradise men get fair big breasted sex dolls to hump and bump with all day:

As you can see it’s not just a man’s world in Islam, it’s a man’s hereafter too. Muslim scholars used to answer women who asked about this by saying “Don’t worry, Allah will make you happy in paradise. You won’t be jealous seeing your husband sleeping with multiple wives and the hoor-al-ayn. Allah will cure your jealousy.” The repeated questions on this topic I encountered shows that Muslim women frequently wonder “how is this fair?” They saw the Quran describing sexual benefits for men but nothing for women.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Islam is one-sided in its treatment of women. It gives almost all the rights to men over women in every way possible. It describes a man’s paradise and hardly caters to women. While Islam may have been progressive in some sense 1400 years ago, it is no longer so. We can do better with secular humanism. We need not refer to ancient and outdated, and sometimes contradictory ramblings of 7th century men and the scholars that followed on how to live our life.

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