The Quran’s Six Red Flags

Quran contains no new knowledge that was not available to the people of his time

The Quran comes to the rescue of Muhammad when he gets in trouble time and time again.

Quran repeats several ancient but flawed motifs.

The Quran makes actual errors in verses that describe natural phenomena.

  • The Quran defines heavens as that which has been beautified with stars. Then it describes the heavens and earth being joined at the beginning of creation. (21:30) This goes completely against the well-established understanding of the Big Bang that has been proven by both Einstein’s theories and radio evidence of the leftover radiation, as well as Hubble’s visual observations of the universe expanding. So we have multiple pieces of evidence to believe the big bang. The Earth was nowhere to be found until almost 9 billion years later.
  • The example of the Quran describing the creation of the embryo when it incorrectly describes bones coming before flesh. (See my blog post on Embryology in the Quran for more details on this)
  • Quran’s mention of Dhul Qarnayn’s gate which we cant find, the fact that he travelled to the ends of the earth (which don’t exist), the fact that the sun went into a pool of water (which is impossible). You can excuse all of these as misinterpretations but that puts a very low standard on God’s communication skills.

The Quran’s out-of-place borrowing of the story of Jesus.

The Quran’s inclusion of stories that we have found sources for in that time and place.



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