I received a Community Guidelines Strike on YouTube over an unlisted video with 0 views!

I’m a YouTuber with 54k subscribers that has worked hard for the last 5 years to get this channel to where it is. I was part of the Partner Program yet I got a community strike for “glorifying violence!” on a video I never put public and nobody ever saw! Now I am permanently out of the program. My new channel is Friendly Exmuslim, check it out.

This is what happened:

My very first video I uploaded has well over a million views now. My subscribers know that I do not glorify violence. If anything, I have stood up against it time and time again on my channel. I believe this is a mistake by YouTube’s algorithm (which has its robot heart in the right place) and that my channel permissions should be reinstated.

Email I got about community strike

Uploads have been disabled on my channel for 1 week! I cannot upload for 30 days, monetization has been turned off (no ad income), channel memberships put on hold and the strike stays until December 31st. This is a real disaster!

Even worse, I can’t appeal it as I had only upload it for a minute to see how it looked.

After the 90 day waiting period, I reached out to YouTube and they have told me that my channel is permanently demonetized and this cannot be appealed.

Here is the clip I had uploaded as unlisted as “test2” to see if the below video would be flagged for copyright:

Original clip praising the attacker is what I used and got me in trouble for deleting.

Yet the original clip is still up! How come mine was taken down and I got a strike but the original is still there?

Nobody ever saw the clip! It was unlisted and deleted within minutes! Surely there should be a view threshold before action is taken against a channel for an unlisted clip? The clip was just a test as the title clearly shows and was posted nowhere and had no views.

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I have been given all of these reprimands because of a clip that was never even used that already exists on YouTube? Surely this is a mistake

This clip which was used for social commentary was eventually included in a larger video here (starting at 35 seconds) which is available below:

My video reflecting on community reactions to Zaheer Hassan’s attack in France

Making this video included hiring a translator, a graphics designer, a research assistant, and an video editor to help me put it together. I put in a lot of effort into my channel which is why it has grown to over 50,000 subscribers now, and I am proud of that.

YouTube, I believe that this is an unintentional error on your part. Please reinstate my channel privileges.

My channel members all received the following message:

As a result of this, I have lost all my potential ad income, as well I will not get a penny from the 51 members who voluntarily joined the channel to support me! If you can, please support me on Patreon or donate directly from my support page here.

Check out the following video I made explaining this:

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Thank you

Abdullah Sameer
October 3rd, 2020




YouTuber, Activist, Blogger. www.abdullahsameer.com

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Abdullah Sameer

Abdullah Sameer

YouTuber, Activist, Blogger. www.abdullahsameer.com

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