Find out how much you spend on Amazon Canada

Abdullah Sameer
2 min readNov 4, 2019

Would you like to get a summary total of how much you spend at Amazon? Maybe you’re deciding if it’s worth getting their 2.5% cash back card.. Or you just want to see how much money you spent?

Fortunately for Amazon US customers, this is really easy. You can simply download your order history right from the site!

For Amazon Canada customers, not so easy because Amazon Canada has disabled this option.

However, you can run this small javascript snippet (called a userscript) and it will get the total for you. This script will go through each page of your order history and parse through them to get the order total for all the pages. For more details check out What are userscripts?

Step 1: Install TamperMonkey userscript manager for Chrome. This allows you to execute custom javascript on your webpages. You can also use any other plugin you like but I picked the most popular one.

Step 2: Install my script from OpenUserJS

Optional: Check out the source code on GitHub
You can browse my code to see that it’s safe. It’s simply iterates through each page grabbing the dollar values and adding them up.

Step 3 : Go to

Step 4: Click on “Get Order Totals” which was injected onto the page using the script you downloaded.

Step 5: The script will continue running until it reaches the last page. You can start on any page you like.

And here you have the total:

Any questions?