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When you leave Islam, trouble comes your way. Even family members who have nothing to do with this are attacked

UPDATE: I have posted the following video which summarizes what happens

Who is Dawahman? His name is Imran bin Mansur. He is a popular youtuber who gives dawah online. He has two youtube channels, Naseeha Sessions with nearly 150,000 subscribers and DawahMan with 86,000 subscribers.

Despite having a huge platform he is so irresponsible. He made a lot of faulty statements about us in his video overcoming doubts. Have a listen!

Lets see. Used to be Ismaili, became Sunni Muslim, involved in the dawah, now left Islam and became atheist, video went viral. You probably saw it. Who could he be talking about? Funny how they never mention my name. It’s like they want to talk about me but don’t want people to look me up. Here’s the video he’s referring to:

Imran also said:

So hot stuff, you think you can go around calling people crusty looking?

Who do you think you are? Zayn Malik?

You found my video, but you got the details totally wrong. I did not leave Islam for a woman. That is my wife you are speaking about. We’ve been together for nearly a decade and a half and we have 5 kids. We even uploaded a video together in January 2017 discussing in detail how I left Islam and how she reacted.

That’s downright disgusting of you to call her “butters” and “crusty looking” and saying I should have left Islam for a ‘choong’ thing (ie attractive woman). She is an attractive beautiful woman.

Why would you say that? Because you thought she was atheist? That justifies insulting her looks? What did you gain from throwing in those insults? Did you think if you insulted me or my wife you would convince your audience not to listen to me? That’s called an ad hominem. Even if someone left Islam for a woman, that doesn’t mean Islam is true. You need to address their arguments, not attack them personally!

Get your facts straight before speaking. The reasons I left Islam are clearly documented on my blog.

It’s funny how these preachers think that their audience is stupid enough to fall for these shallow lies. This is the age of information. Multiple people sent me your video. You can’t get away lies like that. It’s so easy to fact check, so many people know us, yet you just decided to go with your incorrect assumptions.

Let me give you some wise advice that the personal attacks you made about Cheryl’s appearance say more about your character than it does about anything else. An intelligent response would have been to address my arguments on his blog. Please get your facts straight before making judgements.

Imran, if your purpose was to discredit me, sorry, you failed.

Check out our interview we did together many years ago that Imran didn’t bother to watch:

Dawahman has since apologized in not so many words:

His exact words were he was compelled to make this video because of a clip of his that was spreading on the internet (and I guess hurting his image). He claims he is shocked by what he said. Why would he be shocked when I commented on his video three months ago?

Comment left on his Naseeha Sessions channel video upload September 2018 (hidden by the channel)

How about: “Cheryl I am sorry for insulting your looks and Abdullah I am sorry for the false assumptions I made about you. You didn’t leave Islam for a woman”

Shouldn’t you at least apologize to us not just “everyone else?” Are you apologizing to your followers or to us?

This apology is damage control, that’s all.

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