Abdullah Sameer

Dec 7, 2018

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Banned from Facebook

I am a ex-Muslim and my account on Facebook has been targeted by online campaigners with false flagging. I think a mistake has occurred and I would like to get my account back.

I have been targeted by some sort of campaign to get my account disabled. My posts have been reported as hate speech multiple times and I am now on a second 30-day ban.

To begin, I actually like Facebook. I have used it for over ten years, and I think it’s a great platform. It’s not without its flaws, but it provides a reliable platform for me to dialogue with others and share family moments.

I don’t believe that the solution is to get rid of Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, to migrate to Minds, or to build a new platform altogether. I think these platforms are doing reasonably well within their corporate mandates to ensure that bad content such as child porn does not appear on there. I think the solution is to improve the system to appeal such decisions.

My profile link is https://www.facebook.com/abdullah.sameer71

I was banned for this post once for “nudity”

As you can see there's barely any nudity in it. I tried to appeal but it was rejected.

I was banned for 30 days was for this:

I was actually mocking people who are bigots here. I was saying that if you ever come to the defense of Muslims you are immediately considered an Muslim. The worst interpretations of Islam are considered the only one for these people, and those who defend it are believers (which is not true).

The second time now was for a post I wrote 5 months ago:

I think being banned for this is again a mistake.. I believe the screenshot of my friends is what triggered it.

Neither of these posts were hate speech. I am really concerned about permanently losing my account because I have had this profile for over 10 years and it has a lot of personal history on there and I don’t want to lose it.

If you can please help me escalate this issue to the right person at Facebook. I don’t want to lose my account because a good system was abused in order to censor certain ideas.

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