Thousands gather in Copley Square in protest of President Trump’s Muslim ban by Lauren Zilm

There is a theme that comes up from time to time that former Muslims () who criticize Islam are anti-Muslim bigots. Here is one such comment that accuses me of profiting off anti-Muslim hatred:

This topic of “you’re doing this for money” comes up a lot. Sometimes its worded less strongly, sometimes its more strongly worded like the below:

I’m a YouTuber with 54k subscribers that has worked hard for the last 5 years to get this channel to where it is. I was part of the Partner Program yet I got a community strike for “glorifying violence!” on a video I never put public and nobody ever saw! Now I am permanently out of the program. My new channel is , check it out.

This is what happened:

The current situation with racism in America is such a charged issue so I was hesitating to write on it. But I’m going to take a risk and say what I feel.

First, as is obvious, I’m not white, and I don’t come from what you would consider a ‘privileged’ background. I came as an immigrant to Canada when I was 8. I experienced some racism in Canada, but not that much. I was a visibly brown Muslim guy with a big beard. I got through university with government student loans, and then I graduated and got a job fairly…

Hamed Abdel-Samad

Hamed Abdel-Samad is an Egyptian Exmuslim. He is fluent in Arabic (his mother tongue) and French, English and German.

These are my reflections I have after reading one of his books and .

Most of the excuses used to dismiss exmuslims don’t work on him. He speaks Arabic. He grew up in a Muslim country. He memorized the Quran, the holy book of Islam in its entirety. He is also the son of an imam. He was even a part of the Muslim Brotherhood (an Islamist group i.e. wants to reestablish Islam politically). …

Was Muhammad a humble man, a man of God, a prophet of Allah? Was he someone loved for who he was? Or did he promote himself as the best who ever was?

It’s no surprise that cult leaders do this. Once you’ve convinced others that you are God’s chosen man, there’s only a small step to convince others that if they need to treat you well because God will love you if you do that. Or God will be angry at you if you don’t do that.

Say, [O Muhammad], “If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah…

Would you like to get a summary total of how much you spend at Amazon? Maybe you’re deciding if it’s worth getting their 2.5% cash back card.. Or you just want to see how much money you spent?

Fortunately for Amazon US customers, . You can simply download your order history right from the site!

For Amazon Canada customers, not so easy because Amazon Canada has disabled this option.

However, you can run this small javascript snippet (called a userscript) and it will get the total for you. This script will go through each page of your…

A man looking thoughtfully out of the window —

Many of us grew up for whatever reason thinking that the best way to a woman’s heart is by showering her with attention. And yes, this sometimes works, but it may have the opposite effect from what you intend.

We may have grown up watching chick flicks or even Bollywood movies where the man gets a target woman and chases (stalks?) her until she finally is convinced of his undying love and marries him.

But the thing is, you see, this doesn’t always work and can cause the opposite effect. Women can detect neediness in men. When you act needy…

Sellers are exploiting the ‘colour’ property to falsely boost ratings on unrelated items

Sellers create a product listing, get a lot of reviews, and then add unrelated items to the listing as separate “colors”, thus giving the false impression that the other products have good reviews too.

This is dishonest and Amazon should not allow sellers to trick customers like this!

One of the first indicators of quality that you would look for when purchasing a product is the reviews. Products with a higher number of reviews and closer to a 5-star rating outperform others by leaps and bounds. This…

Couple looking at something interesting on the screen together

Porn as escapism

There are debates on the harms of porn. If you are in a committed relationship, it can become an outlet and lead to you neglect your spouse. It’s an easy way out rather than putting in an effort to fix the underlying issues. It’s much easier to just pull out your phone or laptop and wank rather than having to actually talk to your partner. You might be simmering over that argument you had and don’t feel like apologizing. Maybe they’re the ones who need to apologize this time and didn’t do so. …

Abdullah Sameer

Husband, dad to five, tech enthusiast. Former Conservative Muslim.

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